Resources For Our Diabetic Consumers

At Golden Farm Candies, our main objective is to provide high quality sugar-free candies
for sugar-conscious consumers to enjoy.  Although candy is our main focus,
we recognize our consumers needs for other high quality products
to help increase their quality of life. We hope you will try out these resources!  
We welcome your feedback and invite you to email us at  

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The Best Diabetes Cookbook, edited by Katherine E. Younker, MBA, RD, Certified Diabetes Educator

"The Best Diabetes Cookbook makes healthy cooking and eating a breeze - and that's a major step in taking control of diabetes.  Here you'll find lots of interesting recipes for tasty dishes that can be easily incorporated into meal plans."

Published by Robert Rose, Inc.

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Reduces pain of injections and needle fear.  Stabilizes the injection at the desired location and at the correct angle.  Masks sensation of needle penetration due to the wide-base design.   Reduces fear of injection by concealing the needle.  Assists visually and physically impaired to remain independent.

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